About us

In short version, we can introduce our company in two quote. First quote We are flying with legs at the ground can sounds little bit low, but it is exactly how we are working. Our work is everything about UA - Unmanned planes - drones.

The second quote From high and however close can clear characterized practical use of unmanned planes - drones.

Our priority is complex service, our customers - companies are coming to us with idea about sollution and they are leaving with working drone and with proffesional unmanned plane pilot certification.

We are making nicer hobby for hobby pilots, we are helping them with shopping, maintenance, service, but also with first start.

The desing, construction and service of drones are the base of our activity. Already from the 2011 we participated in the project with ČVUT - Czech technical university. The goal of this project was to involve the drones to the state institutions. In 2012 we became DJI profesional technology authorized dealer. Since then we had a opportunities to made a thousands thousands starts with a different types of drones. Based on these experiences we can propose another original solutions.

Our own development and production is nothing new for us. TELINK was founded in 1997 and has been involved in the development and productions of RC aircraft. Their productions continues in a limited extent.

The second most important part of our work is Flying school and everything related to the legal operations of the drones. By the Civil Aviation Authority we have carried out all of types of drones from DJI as well as a number of other constructions. We have prepared operational manuals for all of them. Gradually we trained proficient pilots from the private sphere, but also for the state forces. We are member of the Defense and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic.

The third pillar of the company´s business is the provision of services using unmanned planes. The company is specialized finding ways to find document and create 3D models. We develop procedures that use flying on a pre-programmed route.

For example we are testing new security elements. But mainly we are looking for ways how to make the relatively hard technology closer to our customers.

Organizing, demostrating events has become an integral part of company´s life.

We are look forward of your participations, your TELINK 

  Our History

2012 - CAA - Microcopters certification + DJI S800
2012 - CAA - Flight school certification
2012 - TA ČR Alpha poject, telematics transport
2015 - DSIA membership ( Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic)
2015 - tests of parachute systems
2016 - Grid 720, TELINK industry drone
2017 - DJI ARS (Authorized Retail Store) - only one in the Czech Republic, fourth in the Europe
2017 - book DRONY, practical guide, specialy for DJI drone users
2018 - DJI GO4 Mapy (Mavic Air)/Flight map
2018 - Hasselblad camera sell start