YellowScan Fly & Drive
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YellowScan Fly & Drive
YellowScan Fly & Drive

YellowScan Fly & Drive

Fly when you can, Drive when you must

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Multi-platform LiDAR for Geospatial Survey scanning from Air to Ground. 

Vehicle and UAV
Designed for a maximum operational flexibility and full coverage from the air and from the ground.

Easy to use
Reduces project time through rapid implementation, collection and data analysis.

Highly efficient and well-tested workflow analysis.

Fly & Drive description

Designed to be easily swapped in minutes from vehicles to UAV.
The YellowScan Fly & Drive is a versatile land vehicle-mounted or UAV-mounted mobile mapping system which combines high resolution laser scanning and precise positioning to collect geo-referenced point clouds for a wide range of applications.

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Key benefits

  • Light weight and low power consumption. Installation on all kinds of UAVs and vehicles.
  • Precision positioning using high end GNSS and IMU coupled system
  • Robust and reliable
  • High frequency laser scanner allowing good productivity without compromise on point density
  • Multi-scope Mobile (Ground) and UAV (airborne) Mapping Systems.

LiDAR unit – Fly & Drive option :

YellowScan Surveyor
The lightest and most versatile
YellowScan LiDAR solution.

Key Differentiators:
– Fits most applications
– Compact
– Lightest


YellowScan Surveyor Ultra
Provides the highest point density
from YellowScan’s product range.

Key Differentiators:
– High point density
– Maximized range
– Productivity solution

What’s Included

Fly & Drive is a combo that can-do mobile mapping & aerial survey using the same LiDAR (Surveyor or Surveyor Ultra). The setup consists of a car pod, adaptable bracket and GNSS Antenna.

    • YellowScan Surveyor or Surveyor Ultra with Fly & Drive option
    • Fly & Drive car pod
    • Mounting bracket compatible with UAV & vehicles
    • GNSS antenna and cable
    • Applanix POSPac MMS
    • YellowScan CloudStation
    • Single or dual camera options for DJI M600
    • 360° Panoramic camera for vehicle mounting
    • DMI (odometer)
    • Power supply cable for vehicle
    • YellowScan LiveStation

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